Sanyo's New Wii Remote Charger

SANYO is close to releasing the Nintendo Wii's first officially licensed charger dock.
Just like all the other hundreds of Wii Remote Chargers out there, it basically just re-charges the controller.
But! What makes this one special is the feature not needing the battery pack to be plugged in, rather using some amazing technology, the Wii Controller only has to sit in the cradle to be charged through magnetic induction processes.
This meaning nothing to plug in or pull out, we no longer have go through the time consuming hassle to take off the controller grips or sleeves to charge. Not only this, but you may connect four of these babies' up together to share off one single charger port.

The SANYO Wii Remote Charger is due for release in Japan on the 25th of August for approximately $54 Australian Dollars (converted).
But We're sure to see this dock hitting our shores in the not so far future.



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